I am thrilled to announce that my new book LAUNCHED today!

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling – Included are 11 LinkedIn on-demand training videos (145 minutes worth of powerful webinars that will guide you to social selling success… really!)

And, to celebration, I’d like to share 10 tips to leveraging LinkedIn for business development and sales:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile from resume to resource. The more value you can bring your audience the more likely they will become fans, referral partners and clients. The litmus test is “does your profile get your buyers excited to take your call? If the answer is yes, your profile is working for you.
  2. Add case studies and client success stories to the rich media section on your profile. The credibility gained from simply telling your stories is enormous. You can add links or pdfs to Rich Media in your Summary or Experience sections or add it to Projects and Publications sections on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Engage with all of your new connections. Whether you are sharing relevant content that actually has an impact on their role or company or asking for a phone call to share additional insights, starting conversations via a Welcome Message is vital in the social selling process.
  4. Build out solid search strings that helps you identify your ideal buyers. The core of social selling is engaging with the right people, so finding them first is foundational.
  5. Prospecting on LinkedIn can be through identifying shared connections, engaging with content and conversations, getting warm introductions or by earning the right to connect with someone directly. By adding a 2nd degree filter to your search string, you can quickly identify who in your network can help you gain access to your buyers.
  6. Sale Navigator’s search filters can help you pin point the ideal prospects in ways no other solution can. Leverage Sales Navigator to identify who your clients and networking partners know and ask for introductions into new buyers that can benefit from your products or services.
  7. Develop content that impacts your buyers, gets the to shift their current perspective and lead them toward your solution.
  8. Use a social sharing tool like Hootlet along with curating sites like Feedly.com or Pocket will have your content working for your 24/7. When you find content worth sharing you can schedule it to share on LinkedIn or Twitter later. So, if you are in content reading mode, you can schedule content for the week or even the month!
  9. When a prospective buyer follows you on twitter, start a conversation and invite them to connect on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile can help them learn more about you as well as your Welcome Message.
  10. Put time on your calendar every single day to work on your LinkedIn activities. Treat that time as if your were with a client. Meaning, if the phone rings, you would answer it if you were with a client, you wouldn’t ask the client to wait while you answered a text or email, so don’t let your prospecting time get interrupted – as it is the number one thing you can do to get in front of new clients.




I listened to thousands of sales professionals, sales leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs and they asked for a playbook that included what to do, what to say and how to convert new connections into phone calls.” And, HERE IT IS!


11 on-demand webinars that will have a huge impact on your business development efforts. (a $297 value)

Webinar Topics:

1. Social Selling Overview

2. Navigate LinkedIn

3. Create a Buyer Centric Profile

4. Engage with Your Network

5. Build Search Strings

6. Prospect on LinkedIn

7. Thought Leadership

8. Sales Navigator Overview

9. Twitter 101

10.Advanced Twitter

11.Develop Your Playbook

If you have been following my content for years, or are new in my network, you may have noticed that all my publication are actionable and of great value in the LinkedIn and social selling world, and this book is no different. It is a straight to the point, step-by-step guide with no fluff. If you are in any business development role, this playbook will have a significant impact on your sales goals.

You may be on the fence, not sure if another book or webinar program will make the difference. But this will be the best $29.95 investment you can make. That’s right ONLY $29.95 for a very short time.

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling will be listed at $49.95 in just 1 week – but if you buy it now, it is only $29.95. Grab copies for you and your sales team, this price is guaranteed to go up!

If you purchase 50 or more books on Amazon prior to 4/30/17, I will include a private 1-hour live webinar for your company. – ($2500 value)

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