10 Ways to Get Engagement on LinkedIn

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10 Ways to Get Engagement on LinkedIn

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Producing great content is great – but only if people are reading it. Getting eyes to your content is key, and these 10 tips should get you some shares, likes, comments and connections:

1. Make sure your headline tells the story. Your prospective reader needs to know what they will get out of their investment of time, and it is up to your title to tell them.

2. Be sure that your content is easily shared on social media. If you get a reader that LOVES what you are talking about, the only way to go viral is to make it simple for them to share it with their crowd.

3. Ask for your readers’ opinions and insights. People love to share their thoughts, especially after a thought provoking article. Your network will appreciate that you care about what they think as well, and more likely to connect with you in the short and long term.

4. Add a relevant image to every blog and article. People are attracted to pictures, and often the image will draw them in.

5. Add links to videos whether on your website or YouTube. Video is about as engaging as it gets, people connect and relate and share blogs with video 10X more than blogs without.

6. Share content that is quick to consume and has a high value to your reader. Don’t talk about you, your products and services, give your readers information that matters to them. If you can bring the value, you are of value to them. You become a thought leader when you share insights that have an impact on your readers.

7. Make sure you share your content on many different social media channels. Facebook feeds and company pages, twitter, LinkedIn personal update and in your groups are great places to start.

8. Send your content out through email on a consistent basis. Once you are providing good content, your crowd will expect it – and this is a good thing. Even if it is a tip a week – or every 2 weeks, keep in front of your audience.

9. Leverage LinkedIn group members. You can target your content to specific group members by clicking on the membership number in the group and filtering by title or location in the search box. Then, because you share the group, you can message each member directly even though you are not connected to them.

10. Research through asking them what they care about, don’t guess. When you are with your clients and prospects, ask them what content matters to them – then write about that. Then share it directly with the people that inspired you. You can even mention them in the blog (with their permission) and they will often share it with their network.

If you have great tips on thought leadership and getting engagement I would love to hear from you in comments. Hey I may even mention you in the blog!

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