5 Ways to Make a Snow Day Productive with LinkedIn

Brynne Tillman |

LinkedIn snow day tips

It is another snow day1 I know you can’t wait until your back in the office, but how do we make this time productive? How about spending an hour or two on LinkedIn! Here are 5 things you can do today that will make it productive:

Are you working from home today? I am sure you have your list of 100 things that have to get done, but mo

  • Update your profile.
    • Rewrite your headline so that it is more engaging than your position and company name. Let the world know your value proposition, what you offer your clients and the solutions you provide.
    • Complete your contact information box. Add your phone number and take advantage of the 3 website links. Direct your profile viewer to targeted pages on your website and by choosing ‘other’ from the dropdown, you can name the link.
    • Complete your summary – be sure to make it about what your profile viewers care about. Give them tips or offer them some value, don’t just talk about you and your experience, save that for the ‘Experience’ section.
    • Add publications with hyperlinks to blogs, articles or videos that you or your company have authored.
    • Edit those skills and endorsements to include keywords that are SEO (search engine optimized) so your prospects can find you.
  • Create targeted advanced searches and save them. This is one of the best ways to feed your pipeline on a consistent basis.If you are really into it, ask for some introductions! Here is a powerful template to use.
  • Write some recommendations for people in your network. What a great way to thank your vendors, strategic partners and colleagues. A snow day is a great opportunity to put a little time into this, and it will make such an impact on your network.
  • Tag your connections. Tagging is a very powerful marketing tool. You can tag or untag anyone who’s saved in your LinkedIn Contacts. Tags are categories to help organize and sort your contacts for searches and messaging. They can be added from the Contacts page or a person’s profile.
  • Check out who has viewed your profile and connect with some new professionals who looked at you first! Here is what you might say: XXX, thank you for checking out my profile, I looked at yours and I think there could be some synergies between us. Let\’s set up a time to talk, I have Thursday morning open, does that work for you?


There are so many amazing ways to use LinkedIn – if you would like to learn some more, I invite you to download our eBook, 11 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business Development.

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