LinkedIn Profile’s Top 10 Musts

Brynne Tillman |

LinkedIn makeoverLinkedIn is the most powerful sales tool available today. It is also your professional brand. Google yourself, your LinkedIn profile is probably the first thing that is coming up. Is your profile representing you the way it should? Here are the top 10 steps to take to make sure your profile includes.

  1. A professional picture. I know you have heard this over and over, but if you wouldn’t put it on your website don’t put it here. LinkedIn is a networking site with the goal to engage prospects and strategic alliances and a personal connection begins with your picture.
  2. Your headline is 120 characters, use the wisely. This does not need to be your title and company name, save that for your Experience section. This is your opportunity to talk about your value proposition, what you bring to the table. The goal of the profile is to get your readers to engage, and this is where it begins.
  3. Your contact information box is critical. Have you ever gone to a website, clicked on the contact us page and it is a form, no phone, no email? Boy, that is annoying, don’t do that to your peeps. Be sure you have your professional email listed, phone number and take advantage of the 3 weblinks as well.
  4. Customize your personal URL. It looks professional and you can add it to your email signature and business cards.
  5. Treat your summary as your value proposition not your resume. This is your opportunity to educate and share your content that will engage your prospects. I add LinkedIn tips, people love that. Be sure to add your contact information here to, as only your 1st degree connections can see your contact box, and we want to make it easy for anyone to contact us.
  6. Add videos. People love videos, and if you post educational content, testimonials or interview style videos, you will most certainly get the attention of your prospects.
  7. Complete your Experience and Education sections. This is important to reconnect with people from you past and create a stronger network. This is where your profile can look like your resume.
  8. If you blog, add the Publications section to your profile. You can add hyperlinks to anything published on the web.
  9. The Projects section is a great way to cross brand with other professionals you have worked with.
  10. Skills & Endorsements brings many mixed responses. Many of us have been endorsed for things we don’t do by people we don’t know. I actually think this area is very important for search engine optimization and impressions. Be sure to add key words that describe your skills so it is easy to be found. You can manage your skill when you are in the edit mode.

Looking for Help with Your Profile?

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