[4-MINUTE VIDEO] Create and Save Your LinkedIn Searches on Your Desktop

Brynne Tillman |


Hands down. One of the most effective features of LinkedIn, when it comes to social selling is the ability to filter and search and identify your target market. And even who in your network knows your target market. One of the limitations, however, is being able to save an organized some of these searches in the free LinkedIn.

So first, let’s go through and do a search. If you click on the search bar, and on people, that’s going to take you into the search filters, you can see I have 8.5 million people in my network. But this is first degree, second degree, third-degree group connections, right. So we want to filter this down. By clicking on all filters, I’m going to choose the Greater Philadelphia area, second-degree connection. If there’s a particular industry, I might be interested. So let’s say information technology. And then I’m going to go down to talk title. And I can use Boolean search logic, I’ll put a link below to teach you how to use that a little bit. But you can also use let’s say, CEO, or CFO or CEO.

Right now, I’m going to apply and LinkedIn is going to give me this awesome list of 501 people that meet the search criteria that I have a shared connection. So if I wanted to meet Mark CFO at clutch holdings, I see I have 56 shared connections, I right click and open that in a new tab. And I can see who in my network might be able to make a warm introduction. For me, all is said, and good. This is great. I’m excited. I do three or four today. But there are 500 to choose from. So saving this in a way that’s productive,

It used to be really simple in free LinkedIn. But as you can see, occasionally, you’re going to see a safe search here. And sometimes you’re not. So we’re going to do this in a way that’s very productive on your desktop, you’re going to right click and create a new folder, you can now double-click on that and name it anything you’d like. So I can say LinkedIn searches. Call this number two.

So this is my folder, and I am here in my Chrome with my search and I can drag and drop and that search now is inside of my folder, I can go ahead and rename my search. So I could call this something that makes sense to me, right? So maybe this particular search is Greater Philadelphia area, second degree CEO, CFO, CEO, and then it was a hit information technology so now that’s the search.

I’m going to close this up and I’m going to go about my day now tomorrow I may say I want that search again I loved that search I can click on that and open it up right from that folder. Now you may see this number change and that’s because someone you’re connected to connected to someone that meets that criteria or you’ve newly connected with someone that knows people that fits that criteria. In that case, this number might be dynamic which is fantastic so go ahead and create those searches one more thing let’s say I really want to follow up on Mark later I could go ahead and save just his profile as well. Great way to organize inside of the free LinkedIn.


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