Display ItThey say a picture is worth 1000 words, and because we only have a small window to engage our audience on LinkedIn, why not make the most out of LinkedIn’s rich media and long-form posts. These offer you an opportunities to showcase your portfolio, share videos, display infographics, upload slideshows and so much more.

The Challenge I hear many say is: “I don’t have any original content to share!” In addition to the Interview Blog, here are some ideas and resources that can help you engage your audience:

  1. Make incredible infographics that will attract your target market with Hubspot’s PowerPoint templates: CLICK HEREIf you don’t want to design your own infographic, check out Fiverr.com where you can find hundreds of artists ready to help you create your vision for a very affordable price.
  2. Recording a PowerPoint presentation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage your audience. On LinkedIn, these should be under 3 minutes, as well as be educational and insightful.
    • CLICK HERE for recording instructions for PowerPoint
    • CLICK HERE for using Mac or PC QuickTime to record your Screen and Voice
    • My favorite of all the screen recorders does require an investment, but if you are going to embrace video, consider Camtasia.
    • And lastly, for a small yearly fee, Join.me offers the ability to record your online meetings and webinars and offers a link that you can share and others can download.
  3. SlideShare is a LinkedIn company and offers a great platform and a fantastic tool to share your content. Here is a wonderful resource by Social Media Examiner, 7 Ways to Use SlideShare for Your Business.
  4. Want your viewers to be able to download your content, try Box.com it has been a fabulous tool to upload almost any file and get an instant link that will bring your audience to a professional page to view and download your content.
  5. How about recording an live interview using Google Hangout? Whether you are asking the questions or being asked, this is a great way to create powerful video that can offer insights and engage your prospects. This video tutorial byTom Corson-Knowles @JuiceTom is the best video tutorial I have found to make this process easy and impactful.

We all know content is vital to today’s businesses. If you are not providing education, insights and resources you will most certainly are at a deficit. Just pick one to start, embrace it and you can begin to build your portfolio of valuable content that your prospects will love.

If you know you or your team need to Leverage LinkedIn to grow business but you are not sure how, let’s have a conversation. Even if we decide not to work together, I am confident our conversation will be full of insights and strategies to help you leverage LinkedIn more effectively. Here is a link to my calendar http://ScheduleaCallwithBrynne.com please pick a time that is most convenient for you. I am looking forward to our call.