LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are in sales, job search mode or just looking to grow your network, one of the tangible success measurements on LinkedIn is the number of views your profile is receiving on a daily or weekly basis. Website managers look at their traffic every single day, and are measured on the number of visitors. Why? This is the foundation of brand awareness – without visits to your profile, there are little to know conversions.

If you are looking to get more views to your LinkedIn profile especially views from your targeted market, here are 7 quick and easy ways to start growing your profile views:

  1. Updates – by posting other people’s articles and relevant blogs that your target market cares about, you will begin to build a reputation as a connection that offers insights in your industry. The key here is to post content that is aligned with what you do from a product or industry vantage point while making sure you aren’t promoting your competition. Be sure to add a line or two of why you are sharing the content to showcase your POV (point of view). Once you have their attention, they will begin by checking out your profile to learn more about you.
  2. Publishing – To be seen as a thought leader and subject matter expertise in your industry, publishing is a vital step in your professional branding. There is nothing more powerful than providing education and insights to your target market that has a direct impact on their business than offering tips, advise, insights and education. There is no doubt that if you begin to publish quality content on a consistent basis, you will get more connection requests, followers and viewers of your profile. CLICK HERE to learn the 7 essential elements to a successful blog post.
  3. Sharing to Groups – Sharing discussions, articles or even your own publications in groups is a simple way of getting the attention of others. To ensure you are attracting the right people, join groups that are filled with qualified prospects and title your post to engage your prospective reader.
  4. Sharing, Liking and Commenting on Other Peoples Publications and Updates – nothing makes a publisher more happy than someone who appreciates their work. They took time and energy to publish for the purpose of others to read it, and when you take the time to “like it”, tweet it out, share it with your connections or even better yet, take the time to write a comment…you will get noticed. And, if they don’t know you yet, the likelihood of them checking you out is pretty darn high.
  5. Liking Comments on Other Peoples Publications – This strategy is truly under-utilized. If you read a blog post that is relevant to your industry but not from a competitor and it has dozens of comments, read through each of them. You can then like and comment on each of those comments and in a very short period of time, begin to engage with a lot of folks interested in the same subjects that are relevant to you and your business. The caution here is not to spam, don’t go through like a machine liking every single comment, be authentic and engage with each one individually.
  6. Viewing Other Profiles – an oldie but a goodie. The law of reciprocation-ish happens here, if you look and they noticed, they will look back. To get the most out of this, it is vital that you have a professional photo and a powerful headline as this is their first impression of you.
  7. Request to Connect with Everyone You have a Conversation with or Meet. – Networking with people is still the foundation of growing business. It can happen anywhere, even by accident. Whenever you have a professional conversation with anyone, end it with,” hey are you on LinkedIn? I am going to connect with you tonight, and maybe we can set up a follow-up call to continue this conversation.” There is almost 100% chance they will check out your profile. Oh, don’t forget your co-workers, family, friends, and even your kids’ friend’s parents, I get more connections at my boys’ Saturday basketball games than I do at a business card exchange.

Obviously getting views isn’t the end game on LinkedIn, but it is important. The more awareness people have of who you are and what you do will certainly have an impact on prospecting activities. And, down the line if you notice these folks are connected to someone you’d like to meet, they have an idea of what you do and are much more likely to help facilitate introductions.