The ability to make new meaningful connections on LinkedIn is certainly one of the most powerful features of this dynamic tool. In October of 2014 we ran the first LinkedIn Challenge and had over 80 introductions made.

I am on a mission to have 1000s of people make introductions for their connections that they believe will bring value to one another.

THE LINKEDIN CHALLENGE: Designed to get a large number of LinkedIn members making introductions for their connections, and then those connections pay it forward (similar to the ice bucket challenge but not as cold). Think about who in your network could benefit from knowing each other and connect them through a simple LinkedIn message (template to copy and paste below).

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose the profile of the first person you’d like to include.
  2. Click on Send Message
  3. Click in the box next to their name, type the name of the 2nd person and select them from the drop-down box.
  4. Copy and paste:

Message: Name1 & Name2, I would like to introduce the two of you for my LinkedIn Challenge. My goal is to identify people in my network to connect because they could benefit from knowing each other. I thought the two of you may have some synergies and I hope you take this opportunity to explore them.

Simply reply all to this LinkedIn message to set up a time to speak. In addition, you are now both challenged to make an introduction to two other people in your network. Please visit http://thelinkedinchallenge.info for the easy steps to complete this challenge. 

Good Networking,



5. Once you make an introduction, let us know in comments.


It’s simple and you just might make a difference in two people’s lives – or more!