On Thursday, July 23, 2015 LinkedIn changed the way you export your connections. I published an announcement READ HERE, but they seem to have brought back the on-demand export this morning, and we hope it stays right where it belongs!.

LinkedIn is doing its best to stop 3rd party data scrappers and this was one way, but it seems the complaints and push back was so intense, they have reversed this decision…for now.


That being said, this temporary change among others has shifted my mindset a bit and I am going to make it a monthly habit to export all my data. If your LinkedIn profile and content is a vital part of your business, I recommend you do the same.

CLICK HERE to learn how to export your connection on-demand

To request a complete download of all of your data:

  1. Hover over your profile photo at the top right of your homepage and selectPrivacy & Settings
  2. Sign in if prompted
  3. Click the Account tab on the left bottom of the page
  4. Click Request an archive of your data under the Helpful Links section on the bottom right.

You’ll receive an email within 72 hours (I received mine in under 24 hours) when your data archive is ready to be downloaded.

When I received my data, all of my connections first & last name, email, job title and company were listed in a .csv file (spreadsheet) as one of the data points. I have been in communication with some others that have received only a portion of their connections and are waiting to hear from on the resolution.

Important: Once you receive an email that directs you to download all of your data, make sure you only download it from a personal computer and not a public computer.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of the archived data you will receive.


  • This archive only includes data on your own activity within LinkedIn. It doesn’t include LinkedIn’s data such as information in People You May Know and Who’s Viewed Your Profile. If you would like to archive Who’s Viewed Your Profile, consider using the Chrome Extension Profile Views – regardless of your basic or free account, this app will record everyone that views your profile from the time you install it on as long as you stay logged in to LinkedIn in Chrome. (Anonymous viewers will not be captured)
  • If you’d like to see information that’s not listed above, please completeLinkedIn’s Data Consent form. Once you’ve completed the form, it will automatically be sent to us for review and you can save a copy for your reference.
  • Members outside the United States may also send your request by letter to LinkedIn Ireland (Gardner House, Wilton Place, Wilton Plaza, Dublin 2 Ireland). Please note that verification may be required in some form. LinkedIn does not request a fee.
  • For more information, you can review our Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy.
  • For tips on using LinkedIn smartly and securely, visit our Safety Center.

Best Practice Tip: If you are adding your connections to your email campaigns, make sure you ask permission and have the ability to opt-out easily accessible.

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