The Four Acts of LinkedIn
Bill Mccormick |
When I talk to most people about LinkedIn, I get a pretty consistent response.  Everyone gives some version of, “I have a profile, but I don’t use it much” or “Why should I be on LinkedIn, I’ve got a job” or “I have no idea how to use it”. There’s a very old saying that […]
LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents? Absolutely!
Bill Mccormick |
In all of the articles I’ve read about using social media in the real estate business – be it residential or commercial – one network that’s not really discussed a lot is LinkedIn. It should be. In fact, it should be a big part of a real estate agent’s or broker’s client acquisition efforts. This […]
Mobilize Your Networking with LinkedIn
Bill Mccormick |
If you’re like me and you attend a decent number of networking events, you probably make sure you load yourself up with your business cards. You likely take your mobile phone or device with you as well. Did you know that your phone can be as valuable, if not more so, than that stack of […]
Make Your 1:1 Networking Efforts More Productive with LinkedIn
Brynne Tillman |
Most of us network. Whether it is going to Chamber meetings or meet-ups, meeting for coffee with centers of influence, or hopping on calls with potential referral partners, investing time in networking is foundational to our business development efforts. That said, often networking doesn’t feel like the most productive use of our time. And, although […]
5 Additional Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business on a Budget
Guest Blogger |
Are you looking for inspiration? Here are five powerful ideas to get you started in generating leads for your business on a budget. Brought to you by the Social Sales Link team.
[4-MINUTE VIDEO] Create and Save Your LinkedIn Searches on Your Desktop
Brynne Tillman |
TRANSCRIPTION Hands down. One of the most effective features of LinkedIn, when it comes to social selling is the ability to filter and search and identify your target market. And even who in your network knows your target market. One of the limitations, however, is being able to save an organized some of these searches […]