The LinkedIn Challenge…If I Were 22, Advice for the Class of ’14
Brynne Tillman |
It is over 1/2 my lifetime ago since I was 22 and in that time there have been many lessons that I have learned that has me where I am today. I will say, that when I look at the following list, I realize I am continuously working on these things every day. #IfIWere22 1. […]
5 Key Areas You Need to Implement to Grow Your Business 
Brynne Tillman |
by Guest Blogger: Mark Samuel, ActionCOACH Most business owners know that growing their business means getting more customers, which leads to more revenue, and that MAY lead to more profits. However trying to directly grow these key areas can be overwhelming and even futile. Instead, a business owner must focus on these 5 areas, which […]
4 Must DOs on Facebook One Year Before You List Your Home
Brynne Tillman |
Facebook is a fabulous way to get the word out to your friends prior to listing your home. Getting the buzz out to your network will make your open houses that much more productive. 1. If you are looking to move in the next year or so, capturing pictures at all 4 seasons is a […]
#1 Way to Prospect in Linkedin Groups
Brynne Tillman |
Just posting content into groups is valuable, but delivering your content directly to your target market is even better. When you share your blog, an educational article or watch a video it positions you as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Make  sure your viewers walk away from your content feeling that it was time […]
Twitter’s Glossary of Terms – Twitter 101
Brynne Tillman |
Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Users can read and post tweets. Users access Twitter through the website or mobile device applications. It is a very powerful newsfeed that has not only made a significant impact […]
5 LinkedIn Tips CRO Sales Leaders Need To Know
SallyJoLaMont |
Managers and VP and Director of Sales need to ensure that their sales team is representing the company the way we expect it to, and that includes social media profiles.  Do you think sponsors are Googling your Sales Professionals to check them out? I bet they are, and guess what comes up first almost every time? […]