Blog, my new social media best friend!
Brynne Tillman | is a social media aggregator that is curated by readers that find and share content on thousands of topics. If you are looking for easy ways to find content to share with your network, just may be the answer! I love it because I can find content on topics that I care about that […]
Top 10 Profile Tips for CROs
SallyJoLaMont |
LinkedIn is the most powerful sales tool available today. It is also your professional brand. Google yourself, your LinkedIn profile is probably the first thing that is coming up. Is your profile representing you the way it should? Here are the top 10 steps CROs business development professionals need to take to make sure your […]
URL Shorteners – SSL’s Resource of the Week
Brynne Tillman |
URL shortening is a technique on the web in which that makes a web address or URL significantly shorter in length and still direct to the targeted page. This is especially convenient for messaging on social media such as Twitter and which have a tight limit the number of characters that may be used in […]
Social Media Resource of the Week – Click to Tweet
Brynne Tillman |
SSL’s Social Media Resource of the Week – Click to Tweet! How would you like other people to tweet exactly what you want them to say? It is easy with Click to Tweet! Simply type in the message that you want others to share including links to lead pages. blogs, videos or any URL that […]
Keyword Search Tools that can Get You to the Top!
Brynne Tillman |
Keyword Search Tools that can Get You to the Top! We all want to be found. Whether from a post, activity in a news feed or even better a search on keywords that match what we do, it is important that we are proactively ensuring that we are showing up. Posting and sharing relevant content […]
The Essential LinkedIn Book for Business Development
Brynne Tillman |
LinkedIn & Social Selling for Business Development by Brynne Tillman “This book from Brynne Tillman encapsulates the social selling ethos. Page after page of tips and best practices for sales professionals. I see this as a workbook and the most up to date reference material for sales people learning to leverage LinkedIn. Keep this book […]