Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Carole Mahoney!

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Carole Mahoney, Founder of Unbound Growth

Nominated by: Brynne Tillman

Author of the upcoming book Buyer First: How to Sell the Way People Buy, Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor where she coaches for their Entrepreneurial MBA program. She is also the President of the AA-ISP Boston Chapter, been named by LinkedIn as a top sales influencer, and voted a top sales coach by Ambition. As the founder of Unbound Growth, she uses sales specific data on what it takes to be a great seller or leader, and combines that with the behavioral research of how we change behaviors. This reduces the guesswork of hiring the right salespeople and how to create superhero sales teams with custom programs that have helped salespeople go from on plan to consistently achieving 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate. Sales leaders have cut their hiring times and costs in half with a 91% success rate.


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Carole’s Insights




When you follow the science, you will learn that people make up their minds quickly, sometimes even before they realize that they have made a decision. To truly add value to a conversation, modern sellers must be able to get their buyers to think differently about a problem, challenge, opportunity, or solution. To do that, research say we need to offer information that buyers either don’t know about or haven’t fully considered, followed by an insight into what that means for them (in a quantifiable business impact) and then ask questions to enable buyers to think about the impact and options they have. Telling them what they already know doesn’t offer value, it just adds more noise.


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