Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Whether we work with your Marketing department to guide content for social selling or our team writes it for you, our program builds thought leadership that converts to opportunities and sales.

The buyer’s journey starts with exploration, but quickly moves into the other stages in the sales process.  This requires content to overcome objections, then engages all the buyers involved in the sale and beyond to help to close the business. 

If you are exploring a content strategy to help captivate your buyers and move them through sales pipeline, schedule a call with us.

Here’s a sampling of our service offerings, all of which can be customized to your brand and marketing goals:


A Month of Content Package

  • 30-minute interview recorded on Zoom
  • 1 long form blog post (up to 1,500 words)
  • Branded Style Guide
  • Content Calendar
  • Quotes formatting as branded graphics
  • Social Graphics
  • Shorter text updates from blog post
  • Engagement tracking/metrics


      • Video or Video PLUS Package  
      • Additional Long Form Blog posts
      • Content scheduling

Insight Video Package

  • 30-minute interview recorded on Zoom
  • Convert to 4 short insight videos
  • Native MP4 files
  • Add captions to videos
  • Provide text transcript for each video to use with post

Insight Video Package PLUS

All of the above PLUS…

  • 4 square quote images for each platform
  • 2 videos(up to 60 sec each) with quote, images and soundtrack
  • 1 long form article

Repurposing Existing Content

  • Branded Style Guide
  • 4 shorter text updates from blog posts
  • 2 quotes formatting as branded graphics
  • 2 social graphics
  • Engagement tracking/metrics
  • Video (up to 60 sec) converted from existing blog post
  • Content scheduling

Email Newsletter Campaign

Leverage your LinkedIn Content

    • Management of Email Campaign
    • Template creation, content curation, formatting, email list management, sending and tracking.

    Original Articles/Blog Posts

      • 30-minute interview recorded on Zoom
      • Long form blog post 500 – 1500 words

    Content Curation & Distribution

    • Content curation based on target audience criteria
    • Posting content 3x times per week on LinkedIn profile
    • Manage Buffer [or similar content sharing account]
    • Manage Feedly account to aggregate content
    • Additional platforms
      (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Group)