Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Whether we work with your Marketing department to guide content for social selling or our team writes it for you, our program builds thought leadership that converts to opportunities and sales.


The buyer’s journey starts with exploration, but quickly moves into the other stages in the sales process. This requires content to overcome objections, then engages all the buyers involved in the sale and beyond to help to close the business.


If you are exploring a content strategy to help captivate your buyers and move them through sales pipeline, schedule a call with us.


MOST POPULAR PACKAGE – A Month’s Worth of Thought Leadership via Video, Images, Quotes, and a Blog Post.

Content Planning– In this session, we will focus on preparing for the video recording session. Together we will choose 4 questions, write the scripts, choose the appropriate hashtags and review the interview process. We will also design your image templates to be branded with your name and/or company logo.


Video Recording– In this video Zoom session we will guide you and record your message to the prepared scripts. Our team will then edit the video to four 30-90 second videos with captions and your branding.

We will create a blog post from your content and have it publish ready for your website and/or LinkedIn publishing platform.

In addition, we will create 4 quote images for sharing. Your content will be delivered to you within 10 days of recording. – Investment $1497