Making Sales Social Live Episode # 7 – Curating Content for LinkedIn

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In this episode…

In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team discussed four topics related to “Curating Content for LinkedIn”. 

 Content curation is the process of collecting, selecting, and presenting information using your expertise or knowledge to create followership of prospects. By sharing content relevant to your audience’s interests, industry, careers, etc. you can start conversations with your prospects that will ultimately lead to you sharing valuable information about your industry with them.

Here are several tips to make content curation easier:

* – Use a content curation tool like Feedly. Search for topics, and subscribe to bloggers, video producers, publishers, or anyone who puts out content and gets real-time feeds. You get access to the newest, most current content on specific topics/trends whenever you want and you can bookmark content you want to share later!

* Google Alerts – Search for keywords and topics and set up Google Alerts to send matches as they happen, once a day, or once a day.

* Magnets – To access content faster, bookmark pages from people in your industry or people who are trying to reach the same audience.

* Hashtags – Look for hashtags that your clients are using, following, or engaging on to find content that will most likely resonate with them. You can also search for Andy Foote on LinkedIn to find a list of the TOP 100 Hashtags.

* Company Pages – Look for companies in your industry or your client’s industry and check out their company pages for content.

Curating content is more than just resharing or commenting on a post. It’s all about engagement: be “social” in social media. Promote your thought leadership by adding your insights when sharing content and start conversations where you can share your expertise to build credibility.

As Bill put it, “It’s social media, so don’t forget to be social. Just don’t post and ghost.”

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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

* When curating content to share with your audience, explore the industry influencers on LinkedIn who are attracting your ideal buyers. Consider engaging on their post and with their commenters, reposting their content on your feed while providing your perspective and take-always, and giving them credit by mentioning them.



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