Customized Playbook

Training without a playbook creates random acts of social. Having a customized, comprehensive, yet simple to follow playbook to guide your team is essential. Providing your team with specific daily activities and message templates is foundational to achieving a measurable and sustainable RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

LinkedIn and Social Selling has one primary goal, to schedule more meaningful conversations with targeted buyers. The challenge for most sales professionals is that there is no process in place so they end up performing random acts of social.

The Social Sales Link playbook is a powerful tool that guides business development professionals on exactly what to do and say on a daily basis.

This playbook is customized to each organization by role. We align the playbook to the specific goals and methodology ensuring the highest level of adoption.


The playbook includes, but is not limited to:

  • Settings & Privacy Recommendations
  • OPTIONAL: Productivity Tool Stack (chosen by leadership team) ie.
    • Sales Navigator
    • Text Expander
    • Scheduling Tools
    • Content Curation Tools
  • Profile Templates that Converts the LinkedIn Profile from a Resume to a Resource
    • Headline Options That Attract Buyers
    • Banner Image(s)
    • Buyer-Centric Summary that Teaches and Engages Your Targeted Audience and Gets Them Excited to the Call
    • Current Experience that Showcases Who and How You Help
    • Call(s)-to-Action 
    • Media including: existing blogs, videos, collateral, ebooks etc.
    • Projects & Publications that Showcase Thought Leadership and Subject Matter Expertise
    • Contact Information and Website Links
  • 20+ Custom Messaging Templates Including:
    • Engaging Existing Connections
    • Client and Networking Partner Introductions
    • Welcoming New Connections
    • Reaching Out to Targeted Buyers Directly
    • And so much more…
  • Content Curation and/or Origination Plan
  • Daily/Weekly Sales Activity Checklist
  • OPTIONAL: Sales Navigator Plan
    • Design a Lead Generation Campaign
    • Develop a Sales Cadence with Tags
    • Custom Strategies to Schedule More Calls with Targeted Buyers