Doing Less Is More…with Social Media?

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RealtorDo you find yourself being pulled many directions to accomplish tasks in your professional & personal life?

At your job, your may be require you to accomplish various tasks by the end of the month and at the same time complete minor tasks by your boss on any given day. In your personal life you may have several responsibilities to maintain kids, pets, family members… and at the same time yourself.

Elise L. Moore wisely stated, “If you focus 100% of your energy on one task at a time, you will finish two tasks faster than focusing 50% of your energy on two tasks at once.”

The idea of “doing less is more,” is to help you focus on a single task and not feel as though your mind is all over the place, trying to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Not only does this allow you to accomplish each task faster, but also with higher quality. Does the common saying, “Quality over quantity, is better,” come to mind?

For the next week, follow these simple rules when accomplishing personal and professional tasks:

  1. Make a list of all the professional tasks or personal chores you have to get finished that day or week. You will continuously add to this list as you go through the week.
  1. Prioritize by importance or organize your list by deadline, if needed. 
  1. Start first task/chore. Do not let any other task take over your mind. If another task/chore arises, just add it to the list and worry about it after you are done your current task.
  1. Continue Step 3 until you have finished checking off all your tasks/chores.

This concept applies to social media as well. The idea is to focus on one to three social media sites and no more. This will allow you more time to build a reputation through constant participation, rather than having lots of sites, which may become deprived because of a lack of time to contribute to all.

Some advantages that you will see includes better time management/organization, higher quality work, less stress day-to-day, higher task/chore achievement, and maybe even a better quality of life all around. Through personal practice, I will accomplish more if I practice this idea of 100% of my energy on one task at a time. Let me know if it works for you too!

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