#LinkedInLifeLive Episode # 09 – Four Ways to Engage Connections Who Have Ghosted You

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In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team talked about the four ways that you can engage with connections who have ghosted you. These are engaging in their content, asking for permission to share their content, inviting them to an event, and talking with a shared connection and reaching out with the line of “Your name came up in a conversation”.

Did you know that we can engage connections who have ghosted us?  Bob talked about one of the four ways which is engaging in your connection’s content.  You can comment on their post with something that contributes or adds value to what they have originally shared.  This is simply not just adding a “Like” reaction to their post.  This just means that you have to read their content and reply with an insightful, profound comment, or give another opinion from what your connection has shared. If your connection has not posted something new, you can give your first-degree connection a “Kudos” or a simple “Thank you” for something instead.        

As for Sally Jo, she said that another way to re-engage with connections is to ask for permission to share their content.  This is when you go into your connection’s content, look for something that you can share, then ask for permission from them to share it with other people.  This will show your connection that you respect them and this allows your connection to reply to you and rekindle the conversation.  The content that you shared from your old connection will then give value and resources to your other connections.

In addition, Bill discussed that another way to engage with connections is by inviting them to an event.  With the COVID situation now, face-to-face events are not really possible.  We can invite them to virtual events that you know that will be of value to your connection. We have to consider if this event will answer your connections’ pain points or give solutions to their problems. This can be done simply by looking for valuable conferences or events online, copy the link, and share it with your connection via a LinkedIn message.    

Finally, Brynne said that another way to engage with the connections that ghosted you is by talking with a shared connection and reaching out with the line of “your name came up in a conversation”.  This can be done by looking through shared connections with a connection that has ghosted you before.  This can open up the conversation by discussing a new connection then the old connection will remember your old proposal and ask that you check back with them at a later time. This way has then re-opened the conversation with the old ghosted connection.

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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

* To get back on your prospects’ radar, provide insightful content that helps them with their business challenges. Before sending out the link, ask for their permission first. It shows how much you respect their inbox and they won’t feel spammed.

* To get back on your prospects’ radar, engage on their content. Don’t just “like” their posts, though. You should provide value by responding with an insightful comment, a question, or your opinion on the topic.

* Understand what your clients care about so you can provide relevant resources. To ensure that the content is meaningful, ask yourself questions such as, “Is it valuable? Are you answering their questions? Are you getting them to think differently about their problem? Will this lead to more raised hands?” If the answer is yes, then the resource is a great conversation starter.

* Re-engaging prospects when they’ve ghosted you can be a challenge. One way that I’ve done this successfully was by leveraging a shared connection to restart a conversation. I identified a client who knew my prospect and asked her for some insights. With permission, I dropped her name in my next outreach with a little note that mentioned that our shared connection said “Hello”. In no time, we were chatting again and the opportunity was back on the table.  

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