#LinkedInLifeLive Episode # 14 – Four Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Network for Prospecting

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In this episode…

In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team talked about how to leverage your LinkedIn network for prospecting. They talked about four ways of how to leverage your LinkedIn network for prospecting.  These are general network referrals, client referrals, networking partner referrals, and account-based referrals.

Did you know that we can leverage our network for prospecting on LinkedIn?  Bill talked about one of the four ways which are general network referrals.  This involves leveraging the network you currently have. This method involves searching for your second-degree connections, then putting your desired Title in the search criteria such as VPs, sales, and marketing directors, or any job title you are interested in.  Create a list and go through your mutual connections that can make future introductions or getting permission to name-drop.        

As for Brynne, she said that there are two more ways to leverage our network for prospecting on Linkedin.  The first way that she discussed was client referrals.  Brynne talked about client referrals first which involves going to People, All Filters, then clicking on Connections Of, then searching for the Client’s Name, search by Location and Industry, then put in the Title, then hit Enter.  With this, we can search for prospects that the connection is connected to, who meets these criteria.  

In addition, Brynne has another tip on how to leverage our network for prospecting on LinkedIn which is networking partner referrals.  This involves doing the same steps as outlined in leveraging our network for prospecting via client referrals.  The only difference is the flow of the conversation with the networking partner.  Inform your networking partner to go through your LinkedIn connections and create a list of contacts he wants to meet.  Then discuss the list during your actual meeting making this a very productive and efficient meeting and conversation.

Lastly, Bob shared that another way to leverage our network for prospecting on LinkedIn is through account-based referrals.  This method involves conducting a LinkedIn search but this is now based on Companies or an account-based approach instead.  Search for the Company Name, click on Second-Degree, and Show Results.  Then you can click on Filters based on your Search Criteria.  Find a person that you’re interested in, then find a mutual connection between you two.  The next step is then to connect with your mutual connection, then ask for an introduction or a referral.

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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

* Leverage your existing LinkedIn connections by choosing second-degree connections and filtering by the desired title of the prospect you want to be introduced to, such as VP, director of sales or marketing, or other job roles within the company. 

* Receiving referrals from networking partners and centers of influence is one of the best ways to grow your business. These introductions have you coming into your prospects’ world at a high level of credibility and with a high likelihood of them taking your call. Simply search your partner’s connections, make a list of who they know that you’d like to meet, and run the names by them. Be sure to do this with everyone before every networking meeting.

* Leverage your LinkedIn connections for account-based or company referrals. Search your 1st-degree connections by Company name or Second Degree Connections. Then search for a person you’re interested in and look for mutual connections between you and them. Ask for an introduction from your connection and engage!



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