3 Ways to Create Valuable Content for Social Media

Brynne Tillman |


Content Marketing

As the old adage goes, content is KING – (in the social media world, anything over 12 months is old)! However, it is very very true. People

are attracted to great educational articles, blogs that make an impact and tips that can be applied right away. But it is tough cranking out new ideas on a weekly basis (and you do need weekly to stay in front of your audience). So here are 3 key things you can do right now to keep valuable content flowing!

1. Any time you answer a client question there is a blog waiting to happen. Use all these questions and inspiration and you should have a continuous flow of new ideas. If you actually email answers, half your work is done already.

2. Read more…okay I know time is tight, but reading what is hot and relevant in your industry will help you with much more than just content. Use Google or Yahoo Alerts to get target information into your inbox. Record topics that would interest your clients and prospects and share your perspective. You can even share their content with your social networks and add your own commentary.  Please don’t share their stuff without adding your opinion. It is your ideas that brand you as the thought leader.

3. Use your voice recorder on your smartphone (many of the dumb ones have a recorder too). If you tend to talk better than you write, then talk. Anyone can transcribe the work for you if you don’t have the time. If you don’t have an assistant try using a virtual one, they are fantastic! And you can even use software like Dragon Naturally Speaking to turn your speaking to text.

There are many other great ways to start developing content, but these 3 are a great start.

If you would like some help developing content for your newsletters, blogs, articles or more, let’s explore if SSL can be that resource. Give us a call at 888.775.5262 or  EMAIL US.

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