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How & Why You Should Sync Your Calendar with LinkedIn

I love the sync your calendar feature on LinkedIn. Every time you have a meeting on your calendar with someone you are not yet connected with yet, LinkedIn will send you a message to remind you to connect. This can help you prepare for a meeting or follow-up afterwards. (WARNING: occasionally LinkedIn will find another member with the same name, so look carefully before you send the connection request. Also, be sure to personalize the request, please don’t send the default message).

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When you sync your iPhone or Android calendars through the Connected app it will show you who’s in your next meeting and what you should know about them.

From the Desktop CLICK HERE or click on the Connections Tab and then the Gear on the top right and you can manage your connections and calendar via Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo.

Follow the directions below to sync or remove a calendar from your iPhone or Android. (CLICK HERE for a link to all of LinkedIn’s apps – choose the connected app for email/calendar syncing)


  1. Swipe down on any screen to access the main menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Turn the Sync Your Calendar toggle on or off.


  1. Tap the Settings icon (looks like a gear) in the top right
  2. Tap the checkbox next to Calendar sync to toggle on or off

You can decide if you wish to sync your connections, calendar or both, and can turn on and off the feature whenever you choose.

BIG WARNING: be very careful when you import all of your email connections that you do not send a bulk email inviting them all to connect, even though LinkedIn will ask you if you’d like to send everyone an invitation – you will end up with a lot of spam and LinkedIn will place restrictions on your account.

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