Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Hugh Hornsby!

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Hugh Hornsby, Vice President of Sales at Everflow Supplies Inc.

Nominated by: Scott Schilling


Turned around or built up 10 sales divisions or companies, based on people. An author, speaker, coach, and mentor, Hugh tries to seek people who feel stuck and helps them find their passion and purpose while working with them to discover the person they want to become. He is a firm believer that all of us have hidden talents that need to be unleashed.

Hugh is a certified WHY Institute coach and part of the John Maxwell Team. He is also a board member at NSA Virginia and member of the Forbes Business Council.

Connect with Hugh on LinkedIn or learn more about what he does by visiting his website.


Hugh’s Insights


linkedin training, linkedin sales training, sales navigator training

Everything we do is based on The Universal Law of Cause and Effect — creating and writing down your goal and mission, looking at them every day, developing a plan, and working toward it will change your life. The joy is not in the goal but in the journey! Treat everyone you meet as the most important person in the world and see what happens in return… the Law of Attraction.


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