Meet our ‘Influencer of the Week’, Richard van der Blom!

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Influencer of the Week - Richard van der Blom


Richard van der Blom, Global LinkedIn Thought Leader and Trainer at Just Connecting – LinkedIn & Social Selling Training


Global operating Thought Leader and Expert in Social & Virtual Selling. Trained over 50.000 professionals since 2009 active at more than 650 companies and 25 countries worldwide. Creator of the STEPS Social Selling strategy and Most Read Author in the Benelux 2019.

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Richard’s Insights


Richard van der Blom CTT


If you want to use LinkedIn for successful Social Selling and lead generation you need to stick with the “Triple A’s”.

Authentic: Try to be the best version of you, don’t behave on LinkedIn like you think others want to see you, or don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Authenticity is key in gaining trust from your network and audience. Dare to show yourself, share unique and relevant content and build your brand in your own way. Have a look at the visuals, do they leverage the first impression you want to give to visitors of your profile? Highlight Thought Leadership content in your Featured Section, to emphasize your authority and added value.

Active: Having a strong and professional brand on LinkedIn, sending some connection requests every now and then, will not provide you the desired results. You need to be active and visible within your network. How? By posting relevant content that ads value to the challenges of your (potential) clients, provide distinctive insights based on your knowledge and expertise. And…. engage with the content of your network. Give at least 10 comments a day, and share 1 or 2 posts in LinkedIn Groups where the members belong to your target audience.

Approachable: If you get to the point that people start to follow you because of your valuable insights, stay approachable. If somebody asks you for a favor that doesn’t result in direct revenue, don’t hesitate and do it. Create ambassadors within your network, start introducing people to each other, start to become the linking pin but please respond to the messages you get of your network. I spend about 15 minutes a day answering all kind of LinkedIn questions I get in my InBox, from connections as well as people I have never spoken to. Respond, Support and create a network that is willing to connect you with your potential customers in the future.

Wish you the best of luck in business, whatever you do “stay confident”. “Good days are there to enjoy, Bad days are there to learn from”


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