Meet our ‘Influencer of the Week’, Wesleyne Greer!

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Influencer of the Week - Wesleyne Greer


Wesleyne Greer, Sales Coach for Sales Managers at Transformed Sales


As a former chemist that became an international sales manager, Wesleyne understands the challenge of being at the top of her game. Having managed multi-million-dollar teams, she marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales. Her management training improves sales leaders’ capability of holding productive conversations with internal sales team members, which creates a collaborative, dynamic environment in which everyone feels supported.

With 15+ years in sales and leadership focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing) fields, she empowers, coaches, and transforms managers into confident leaders. She understands that sales leadership requires both coachings to develop leadership skills and outside-the-box strategies to ensure everyone on the team becomes a sales superstar with a singular focus for her clients—more repeatable sales.

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Wesleyne’s Insights


Wesleyne Greer CTT


10 Things Successful Sales Reps Should Never Do

1. Never permit failure into your world. Shakespeare once said that nothing is bad or good, thinking makes it so. See all situations as learning experiences. Have a “possibilities mentality.” It’s okay to lose, but it is not okay to lose the same way twice. Triage every lost deal and learn what you did wrong.

2. Never utilize industry jargon. Your prospect’s confidence level decreases the moment you begin using the vocabulary they do not understand. Leave your alarm jargon at the office and talk in ways your prospective client will understand.

3. Never forget to turn your cell phone off while in a meeting. It is distracting and rude if you receive a call.  Turning your phone off will enable you to resist the urge to look at it if you receive a text.

4. Never fail to qualify leads. Use the process in place to decide if a lead is a real prospect. Leads are merely possible prospects. Prospects have the possibility to become customers, but it is not a given.  You should always qualify leads.

5. Never discuss politics, even if you’re fully aligned with the prospect. Within most organizations, there are several influencers and decision-makers who might have various views. It is okay to be real and reveal part of who you are; however, tread lightly around religion and politics.

6. Never fail to research prospects before the discovery meeting. You lose credibility, waste time, and appear unprepared when you ask questions concerning things that easily can be found on a LinkedIn page or company website.

7. Never over-promise. Instead, over-deliver and under-promise. Be certain that you, your company, and your product do what you say you’ll do.

8. Never show negative attitudes to prospects. When you’re in a meeting with the prospect, it is show time! Prospects do not care that your employer screamed at you, your husband or wife thinks you’re a jerk, or that your son/daughter was out late last night drinking. Prospects care about themselves and what you’re able to do for them. Check that bad attitude at the door and perform with a good attitude.

9. Never check Facebook during the day. Stay off of Facebook during the time you have dedicated to making money. LinkedIn is where your prospects are and where you should be too. 

10. Never live in LaLa land. You know that prospective client you have had on the forecast for the last 6 months? They likely are not going to purchase anything. How about the prospective client you have been spending 2 months trying to see? Good luck with that. Get real.


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