Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Jennifer Neal!

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Jennifer Neal, CEO and Founder of Formula Done

Nominated by: James Lam

Meet Jennifer (Jenn) Neal – the CEO and Founder of Formula Done, creator of Content Activation and the Content Connection Academy, tech geek, marketing expert, wife, and Formula 1 racing fan all bunched up into one! Jenn’s extensive qualifications paired with her magnetic, bold personality has attracted an array of driven business owners to see her as their reluctant hero.

Jenn worked hard in her business and over time, identified the patterns that worked (and the ones that didn’t) for the companies she’d previously worked for. She’d realized that the key was content and consistency. She knew that it is crucial to have the right CORE system in place to attract, direct, and retain the traffic once you find it. Jenn has developed, tested, and successfully launched products in and around content repurposing using her own method called Content Activation. She is now a well-known authority on traffic, content repurposing, and messaging.

Jenn is a leader in the market and knows the roadmap to online success. She believes that small businesses are the key to strong communities and not only give back but create an upward growth cycle. Being a strong, influential entrepreneur herself, Jenn believes that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better through strength and determination. “As an entrepreneur, we start a business because we have a mission – a vision – and a known purpose in life – to help others.

Content Activation maximizes our efforts and creates the momentum necessary to achieve that vision, help others and continue to serve.” – Jenn Neal

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Jennifer’s Insights


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Tips to activate your old content for more traffic and leads:

1. Reframe – Create a “how to” video with 3 key points reframing your original content. Post your video on YouTube.
2. Storytime – Write a personal story that ties into your content. Publish your story on your website and/or your Facebook page. Include in your story a CTA to your funnel, book a call, etc.
3. Repurpose – Create 10-second video snippets from your original, as well as quotes, graphics, audiograms, infographics, etc. to post on social media. Include links on some of your posts to your published story.
4. Pay to Play – Run some ads to promote your posts – it can be Facebook boosted posts or ads, Google or YouTube ads or whatever your comfort level is.
5. Track – Use tracking links to watch your progress and results.
6. Share – Share your new content everywhere you can!


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