Meet our ‘Influencer of the Week’, John Kunzier!

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John Kunzier, President at Aerial Digital Agency


President of Aerial Digital Agency & CMO of the JTD Group, John is a former CMO of a large IT staffing/services company with more than 15 years in corporate marketing. He led digital marketing for a $3 billion Technology and IT Services company and rebranded the company in 2017. John’s focus is increasing revenue, improving operations, and enabling sales with a combination of best practices, creative programs, and technology to drive demand. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Marketing, a minor in Economics, and a statistics focus.

John lives outside Philadelphia with his wife, seven children, and three grandchildren.

Connect with John on LinkedInTwitter, or through his website.


John’s Insights


John Kunzier MSS Live CTT


Account-Based Marketing focuses sales and marketing efforts on fewer key accounts, with Social Media the conduit to connect with people within target accounts. Successful client acquisition requires coordination between sales and marketing to implement a top-down and bottom-up approach.

One of the priorities is to build programs to build awareness for your brand and services within these target accounts for marketing people. In addition, technologies are available to target accounts with social and online advertising for a broad-based awareness campaign. You should also be monitoring your website to determine what companies and potentially who is on your website. The tools are available for reverse IP identification and monitoring if those organizations are searching for your services.

The shotgun approach is still a tactic, but marketing must be more deliberate in hyper-targeting prospects to deliver personalized messaging and control marketing spend. For sales teams, Social Media is now a requirement for prospecting to your target accounts. Sales must build programmatic campaigns to expand networks and build digital relationships. Let’s face it, our business relationships are virtual, and organizations are slow to ramp travel and entertainment budgets. Embracing social media prospecting will pay dividends today and in the future.

There are services to manage the social media services and systematize social prospecting. Many salespeople are not believers, but organizations can manage and automate LinkedIn prospecting using proven outside services. If your teams are not getting 5-10 meetings a month from LinkedIn, there is an opportunity to expand the role of social media in your prospecting.

Sales and marketing status quo is changing, and embracing change pays dividends. Organizations transforming to leverage new technology and methods will meet the virtual “top of the funnel” challenge.


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