LinkedIn Blogging 101 – How to Get Started

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LinkedIn Blog PostThere is a lot of good content getting published on LinkedIn, but not only that, if done correctly, lots of people are viewing it, liking it and commenting! This is one of the best ways to brand you and your company as the thought leader and subject matter expert in your industry.

And guess what…it is really simple to do. Here are the steps to publishing a blog post on LinkedIn:

  1. Click on your home page
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the update status box
  3. Type in your title
  4. Write your blog or paste it from a document
  5. To hyperlink a word or phrase highlight it click on the link icon on the toolbar above, paste your destination link and click submit
  6. To bring in an image click on the camera, upload the image and click submit
  7. Click on image and drag on corner to resize
  8. Add a link to the image as well
  9. Click preview to view the blog post
  10. Click Save to save as a draft or Publish to go live

Now, how do you get eyes to it?

  1. Click on the live post on your profile
  2. Use the share buttons to tweet it, share it on your facebook page, Google+ and of course LinkedIn
  3. When you click the LinkedIn share button you have options to post to your newsfeed, groups and individuals. Be sure to include engaging details and a personal message to individuals.

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