LinkedIn for Channel Sales & Their Partners

There are two ways all Channels, Partners and Agents need to grow their business: More partners and partners selling more.

Social Sales Link helps you do both.


Channel Sales

Growing partnerships is the foundation of growing your business. Attracting the right partners can be a challenge, so more and more Channel Sales professionals are turning to LinkedIn to uncover targeted opportunities.

The challenge is knowing what activities are productive and what messaging will convert connections to phone calls.

Social Sales Link’s programs will help you get there.

Channel Partners

Your business won’t grow if your partners don’t know how to sell. And, because their buyer’s journey has changed, it is essential that LinkedIn and Social Selling be a part of their daily activities.

However, most partners tend to fall into the “random acts of social”, rarely creating real business opportunities from their efforts.

Through our Instructor Led Online Program, we transform the way your partners grow your business!