LinkedIn for CEOs – Why every CEO should be connected!

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LinkedIn CEOs

LinkedIn for CEOs – Why every CEO should be connected!

CEOs using LinkedIn are getting more effective hires, more sales, and better use of their networks because LinkedIn helps them manage relationships.

Social Sales Link has 5 Tips to help CEOs grow company sales through LinkedIn:

  1. Leverage your staff’s network – You, the management team and non-selling staff should connect to the sales team on LinkedIn so that they can benefit from the entire staff’s network. If your salespeople are calling on a new prospect, (s)he searches for the company on LinkedIn, identifies that you or one of your employees LinkedIn connections knows the decision maker there. (S)he can ask for a warm introduction and ultimately leverage the power of the company’s network to build his/her relationship with the prospect. This helps your salesperson get in front of the decision maker faster, reduces the sales cycle and increases the close ratio.   
  2. Hire better sales people. The best sales people are rarely unemployed or even in the job market, so they aren’t answering job ads or have their resumes listed on job boards. As a result, many of your best sales hires come from employee, client, or network referrals. With LinkedIn you can leverage your network to find the best most suited hires for your company.   
  3. Collecting competitive intelligence. Contacting former employees of specific companies is a great way to conduct competitive research. By creating advanced searches for a company and selecting “past” from the dropdown menu, you will get a list of people who formerly worked at that company. If you are looking for talent from specific companies, this may be a great way of recruiting employees with the experience you are looking for.   
  4. Leveraging Board of Directors. Often CEOs are challenged with getting their Board Members to bring in new business opportunities regardless of the fact that they are assigned that responsibility. Prior to each meeting with a Director, have you or your assistant look them up on LinkedIn and identify 2-3 connections that are good leads for your organization and ask for introductions to you or your sales team.  
  5. Position yourself as a “Thought Leader”.  The first step is to be sure you have a complete profile with video and content. Next, be sure to have consistent updates with pertinent industry information that can be posted by you, an assistant or even your marketing department. This activity positions you as a subject matter expert and in turn brands your company in your industry.

It is critical that the leadership team of an organization takes control of their online presences and leverages it for the competitive advantage. 

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