LinkedIn: Know Who You Want To Talk to And What You Want To Say

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Video transcription: Know who you want to talk to and what you want to say. This is really important, because, especially now with the situation we’re in, in some industries, because sales are so low, if you ask them, Hey, so who’s your ideal client? Anybody? Anybody My client, anybody who wants to buy my stuff, but that’s simply not true.

You have ideal clients. They’re the clients that you know, as you look at your top clients, and you say, wow, I’d like two more of those or three more of those. I can think of a client right now where it’s like, wow, if I had five of those clients, that would be perfect.

Those are your ideal clients, you need to write their information down from a LinkedIn perspective of, you know, what is the title? What is the industry they’re in, maybe you’re impeded by geography, or there’s certain geography that you do really well in.

So you want to identify them, and then figure out what you want to say to them not to pitch to them, but to create curiosity and to provide insights because not everyone is your client. Not everyone is your customer.

Biggest mistake When Social Selling is…

So, “Random. acts of social.” So this is that posting goes, you know, we kind of go on LinkedIn every once in a while, and we put a post up and then we come back three days later. 

Consistency is the key to LinkedIn. Listen, it doesn’t take hours and hours and hours a day, you can do this in 15 to 20-minute blocks once a day, three times a day. Once every other day, the important thing is to be consistent. 

One of my favorite books is Atomic habits by James clear. And he says in that book that

We don’t rise to the level of our goals, but we fall to the level of our systems. What you need to do is create a system so that you’re, you’re creating content and you’re posting and you’re conducting activity on LinkedIn on a consistent basis because randomness on LinkedIn will kill you.”

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