We all have the LinkedIn app, but very few of us are using it for prospecting. Here is my top tip on using LinkedIn to get referrals!


Almost all of us have the LinkedIn mobile app, but very few of us are using it for prospecting and growing our pipeline. One of my favorite all time LinkedIn tips is the ability to search and filter your connections connections to identify who your networking partner or client knows that you want to meet and leverage your relationship to get warm introductions or permission to name drop. Let me show you how to do this on mobile. We’re going to start by clicking on the search bar. From here we can enter the title or titles of people that we want to meet. If you have your search string, you can add that here, but for this example, we’re going to add SEO. If you don’t have a search string, I’ll add a link at the bottom in comments so that you can learn how to build a full on search string and make this even more powerful.

So once we click on CEO, we’re going to click on people. Now you’ll notice when we do that, there are many other filters that will show up. I want to click on More filters, because there’s one missing from this list that we can find here. And that’s connections of once I click on that, I can put the name of my client or my networking partner. And now I’m asking LinkedIn to search all of Sally Jo’s connections and tell me what CEOs does she know. Well, I also want to drill this down by location. Let’s say I’m really mostly interested in people in the Philadelphia area. Just because we’re both there and I want to see what CEOs she knows there. And I hit Done. Well, this is great. I want to look at one more thing. I want to look at her connections that I don’t know yet. So if I if I hit Apply now…

I’ll do that I hit Apply Now, I’ll give a list of 85 CEOs that Sally Joe knows. But because we know each other so well, we’ve probably overlap quite a few. So if I go to that connections, tab, that filter, and I hit only second degrees, I’m asking LinkedIn to show me the CEOs that Sally Jo knows that I don’t know yet my second degree connections, and I show the results. And that gives me 38 people, I can now make a list maybe I whittle this down to 12 or 15 names, and bring it to Sally Jo to have a conversation about who she knows that I want to meet, and potentially either get an introduction or permission from her to drop her name. So go search some of your clients and your networking partners and leverage those relationships to grow your pipeline.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai