LinkedIn Profile Makovers

Whether you’re looking for a makeover for your own LinkedIn Profile, or you want makeovers for your entire sales team, LinkedIn’s Chief Makeover Officer Bob Woods can help!


Profile Makeovers - Individuals

From Resume to Resource

The goal for your LinkedIn Profile is to attract, teach, and engage your buyers. Working closely with you, Social Sales Link’s Chief Makeover Officer Bob Woods will transform your profile with a clear vision of who you help, how you help them, and why they should work with you. The areas we will complete are:

  • Banner – represent your brand in a clear and concise way
  • Headline – build a clear vision of who you help, how you help them, the results you bring, and your solutions
  • Contact Information – spell out the exact channels where they can reach you
  • Public Settings – open up your Profile to attract as many viewers to it as possible
  • About Summary – develop an insights-driven About summary that resonates with your buyer’s challenges, creates curiosity, offerers value, and leads them to your solution
  • Featured section – build a “scroll stopper” Featured section that builds you up as a thought leader
  • Experience – share how you help clients, and the difference you make for the people and companies you work with
  • Skills – show your prospects how you see yourself at a glance. Optimize for search engines as well.

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Profile Makeovers - Corporate

Consistent Profiles for All Sales Team Members

Through our LinkedIn Makeover process (above), we can build the same value-centric Profiles that we produce for individuals for corporate sales teams.

We’ll work with all stakeholders in your company to build a unified look and feel to all of your salespeople’s LinkedIn Profiles. We then hold individual Zoom-based sessions with each of your team members to make over their profiles, so they don’t have to do it themselves.

When you combine our Makeovers with our full LinkedIn training, your sales team will know exactly how to use LinkedIn for social selling.

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