LinkedIn Private Sessions

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional looking to grow your business, a Social Sales Link private session or sessions can help you master LinkedIn and Social Selling.

Unlock LinkedIn with a Private Session

Most Popular Package

Value-Centric Profile – We will transform your profile from a resume to a resource. Together we will articulate who you help, how you help them and why they should work with you. Then develop an insights-driven About summary that resonates with your buyer’s challenges, creates curiosity, offerers value and leads them to your solution. The areas we will complete during our 90-minute session are:

  • Banner
  • Headline
  • Contact Information
  • Public Settings
  • About Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills

Content Planning – In this session, we will focus on preparing for the video recording session. Together we will choose 4 questions, appropriate hashtags and review the interview process. We will also design your image templates to be branded with your name and/or company logo.

Video Recording – In this video Zoom session we will guide you and record your answers to the prepared questions. Our team will then edit the video to 4 30-90 second videos with captions and your branding. In addition, we will create quote images for sharing. These videos will be delivered to you within 10 days of recording.

Sales Navigator Playbook – We will develop a custom playbook that includes:

  • Developing custom searches with your ideal buyer persona
  • Saving Targeted Accounts and Leads
  • Develop a process to include vetting new/existing logos
  • Nurture 1st Degree Leads
  • Create a warm outreach program and templates for 2nd-degree connections
  • Review cold outreach options and message templates
  • Develop a pre-CRM tagging cadence
  • Leverage Alerts to engaged saved leads

investment: $2500

Our indivual private sessions are 90-minutes & delivered via Zoom. You can choose from:

We write a Value-Centric Profile that helps you attract, teach and engage your buyers. Make the shift from resume to resource, showcase your subject matter expertise and schedule more phone calls with your targeted buyers.

Develop a content plan for sales that leads buyers closer to your solution. We can cover many topics including curation of relevant content, ideas to create original content including blogs, interviews and videos, and a schedule for sharing and publishing. 

Together we create your custom playbook that includes a prescribed daily cadence of easy to follow activities and message templates that engage your targeted buyers.

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