Making Sales Social Live Episode # 2- LinkedIn Profile Tips for Sales

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In this episode…

In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team talked about the “Value-Centric Profile,” what it looks like, and some tips on how to make yours look better. 

Your profile is foundational, whatever you do, it always leads to people looking at your profile like when you send a connection request, share content, and when people look at you on Google. So as Brynne discussed, your profile has a job, and that is to get your buyers, customers, and prospects excited to have a conversation with you. 

The first part of your profile is the top of the fold. Brynne described it as the first thing people see when they land on your profile: it consists of your banner, headshot, and your headline. As a tip, you have to make sure that your “top of the fold” draws your ideal clients in. 

Bill discussed the next part of your profile which is the headline. Your profile should resonate with your ideal clients, do not settle on the typical headline – Job title at XYZ Company.  As a tip, make sure that your headline answers the question of who you help, how you help them, the results you bring and what you do. Do you want to share your insights through a blog or article you’ve written before? Put them on your featured section! What’s so great about it is as people are scrolling, they’ll see it, they’ll stop it, they’ll consume it. And we want to make sure it resonates, so make sure that you’re teaching them something new, that these items that we put in our featured section, aren’t pitching, aren’t selling, but are teaching, and are providing value. One of the many goals is that if they never contact you, they learn something, and you start to develop credibility with that.

LinkedIn now offers a 30-second Cover Story video and you can use that as a way to communicate what you do either on a personal or professional level, says Bob. As a tip, make sure you record your cover story on the mobile app and remember to record it in a vertical format. 

Lastly, the Experience section. This is about you, this is where you can really highlight what you think and what it is you do. Add your content, highlight the products or services that you provide because that helps you not only in telling what you do, it also helps from an SEO perspective, because there are additional keywords that LinkedIn’s own search function, as well as Google, can grab on to and then produce those results when someone is searching for you.


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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

* LinkedIn now offers a 30-second Cover Story video where you can communicate what you do, how you help, and the results you bring to your clients. You can also be more personal in a Cover Story, but remember to keep things professional.

* Convert your profile from a resume to a resource especially if you are using it as a Business Development tool. Your profile’s job is to get your buyers excited to have a conversation with you. Our profile needs to resonate with our targeted buyers, create curiosity and teach them something new that gets them thinking differently about their current situation. This means that our profile has to  bring value and share insights that will have an impact on their business.

* You can begin to resonate with your ideal prospects with your headline. Rather than having your title/position and the company you work for, you can make your headline more descriptive by including who you help, how you help them, the results you bring, and what you do.

CTT LinkedIn Profile Tips for Sales


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