LinkedIn prospecting in 15 minutesYou know how important LinkedIn is to your business development, but the most common objection we hear is “I just don’t have time.”

There are so many prospecting activities you can do on LinkedIn, but Social Sales Link is drilling it down to the highest payoff, lowest hanging fruit that can be accomplished in 15 minutes a day. We are not saying that this is all the magic in prospecting with LinkedIn, and there are many others that we recommend…but if you are willing to invest 15 minutes a day on the following, you will be blown away at the results you get!

Pre-work (This is a small investment of time that will pay dividends on your 15 minutes a day)

  1. Create 3 saved searches of your ideal prospects and shared connections  CLICK HERE to learn how.
  2. Write template messages for warm introductions, welcome messages to your new connections, messages to group members and Who’s Viewed Your Profile note. DOWNLOAD introduction template.

Daily 15 minutes

  1. Look through your outstanding introductions, accept the ones that would be beneficial to your network and send a message with a request for a phone call. ie “Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn, typically I like to have a brief conversation with new people in my network, I have Monday afternoon open for a phone call, does that work for you?” (5 minutes)
  2. Through your saved searches, request 4 introductions per day from your shared connections. (5 minutes)
  3. From your home page, click on “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and treat this as caller ID. It is simply, someone called you and didn’t leave a message…what would you do? If you would return the call, send them a connection request with an invitation for a phone call. (5 minutes)

Willing to add 3 more minutes? Download LinkedIn Connected on your SMARTphone, sync your calendar and connections and check it daily. In just a few minutes you can wish your connections happy birthday, congratulate them on a new job or anniversary and stay in front of your network.

If you still don’t have time – schedule a call for a FREE consultation- we can do it for you!