Powerful LinkedIn Resources that Can Have an Impact on Your Business Development Efforts.

Networking is vital for most salespeople, but often it isn’t nearly as productive as we need or would like it to be. We invest our time in events such as chamber meetings, meetups, business card exchanges, trade shows and beyond, yet rarely do these meetings convert to sales.

Learn How to Save Profiles and Searches to Your Desktop

You know you need to leverage LinkedIn for growing your business, but do you know where to start? Here is a quick LinkedIn checklist to guide you through the steps you need to take to be successful.

LinkedIn ROI Calculator

It is important to know what activities are necessary to accomplish your sales goals. This calculator will help determine how many LinkedIn connections you need to make to hit that number.

Developing targeted search strings for LinkedIn.com (the free version) is foundational when leveraging LinkedIn for prospecting. Search strings (originally called Boolean Search) is a mathematical formula that delivers a specific list that meets the defined criteria.

Creating buyer personas will reveal vital information about your ideal client—information you can then use to find more prospects just like them. But building your typical buyer persona for marketing and sales is slightly different when you’ll be using it for LinkedIn. The key is being able to pinpoint your clients’ attributes that line up with LinkedIn’s search filters, which will enable you to quickly build a qualified list of your targeted buyers.

Adding symbols was always a point of debate. Was it too goofy, too high school, too unprofessional, or did it catch the eye, bring people in, get people interested? Well, it is still the topic of discussion, but I do believe if used well and sparingly, symbols have their place on the LinkedIn profile.

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