Train the Trainer

Social Sales Certified

If you are like most mid-level to enterprise organizations, your trainers and sales enablement teams are subject matter experts. They understand who your client is, the challenges they face, the solutions that you provide and the internal tools your company needs to keep your employees moving in the right direction.

And, if you are like most growing organizations, you have dabbled in branding your company on LinkedIn, but have not had the time or resources to roll out a program that represents you and your staff in the right light. So, when your prospects and clients look up any of your employees (and be assured they do all of the time) it is uncertain what they might find and could even be disastrous to your company’s brand.

Oh, and if you are like most organizations, the ‘random acts of social’ your sales team performs rarely convert to sales conversations. Your team never truly leverages the power of social proximity to get more client referrals and strategic introductions on a consistent basis.

And maybe, just maybe, you had some outside training that was impactful in the moment, but because it was transactional, had little to no follow-up, and was not supported internally, very little ever got implemented.

Does this sound like you and your organization?

Then a proven, robust Social Sales Certified train-the-trainer program might be worth exploring.

Our Social Sales Certification program is designed to work with sales trainers, corporate trainers, learning and development leaders (L&D), human resource, talent, and organizational development teams to design a customized LinkedIn and social selling program, roll it out to your team and support the ongoing training efforts through up-to-date content and continuing education.

Our program includes:

  • Library of 7 LinkedIn and Social Selling Programs
  • Dedicated training on each program
  • Complete PowerPoint decks and trainer notes (customization available)
  • Playbooks for trainers
  • Workbooks for participants
  • Recorded webinars and eLearning (customization available)
  • Private training & coaching sessions
  • Office hours
  • Quarterly updates

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