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Many sales professionals and teams are exploring LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a sales enablement tool, in this video the Social Sales Link team will discuss some of the many valuable features of LinkedIn’s sales platform.

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What are the benefits you find valuable in Sales Navigator?

Welcome to #LinkedInLifeLive! I’m Bill McCormick. I’m here with the Social Sales Link team, Brynne Tillman, Bob Woods, and Sally Jo LaMont. And today, we are going to attempt to answer the question is Sales Navigator worth the investment.

So Bob, what are some of the benefits you find valuable in Sales Navigator?

Bob Woods:

Probably one of the biggies that I’d like is searches. So in searches, you can go much more in-depth than with the free version of LinkedIn. So there are two basic kinds, you can search for leads or people in other words, or you can search for accounts, which is essentially companies. 

And then there’s one other quick feature that I’d like to talk about, its sales preferences. It’s like an automatic preset. So you can use these to set the types of leads or people that you want to see based on geography industry type, company size, their person’s, that person’s function that you’re searching for, and their seniority level. So all of that is really powerful. That’s why I think set Sales Navigator is really the next level of LinkedIn. It’s a very, very powerful way to do things.

Brynne Tillman:

Yeah. So what I’d like to add is one of the filters that I love is the second-degree connections, so we can identify. So now, you know, what Bob talked about, built out a very powerful list of prospects. By clicking on the second-degree connection, we can see our social proximity to those people. So who do we know that can help us gain access to those buyers, and those decision-makers are incredibly powerful. So you know, I love everything, Bob said, add that second-degree connection. And there is not another tool in the world that can hand you a list of who you know, that knows who you want to know. Right now.

Bill McCormick:

So my favorite thing about Sales Navigator and why I think it’s worth the investment is smart links. And what smart links are are links that are really smart. But it goes beyond that you can so you can create a link in Sales Navigator, that can be content that you’ve developed a PDF, a SlideShare or it can be a link to a website or a link to a video. And by creating that link and sharing that link with people. As those people go and visit that link, you’re notified. And you get analytics. 

Sally Jo LaMont:

My favorite is the fact that you get alerts. When you sign on to Sales Navigator you immediately get alerts that are really like a private personalized news newsfeed that you develop. So when you save leads, or you save companies, any information that they post on LinkedIn, number one, you’ll see if they’re in the news LinkedIn gets a hold of that, they’ll post that for you. And it will also tell you if the company, for example, is growing, but the number of jobs that they might be looking for.

So you know, you’ve got all this information in your alerts. The question is, what do you do with it? Really important to note that number one, you should engage in what they are posting, right to get on their sites. Number two is you want to be able to share news, maybe back with them, maybe they missed it. So there are lots of ways that you can use those alerts and your personalized news feed to gain business.

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