Google+ for BusinessMaking Google+ Work for Business Networking

Google+ is so powerful, and so under utilized. It is one of the simplest platforms to truly find where the right people for you are hanging out. They have really made it easy to find communities of like minded professionals where we can learn from, and share great content. It is simple to find where your target market is hanging out and begin to engage with them. Ultimately growing a strong network of professionals.

  1. Log in to Google+  
  2. From the home page, choose “communities” from the drop down  
  3. In the search bar on the top right type in key words describing your target market
  4. Join the community
  5. Like and comment on the posts, or share them within Google+ or other platforms
  6. If you click “see all” on the right you can see profile pictures, click through and “ADD’ to your circles
  7. Be sure to add them in a relevant circle, or add a new circle for your community subject
  8. In some of the larger communities you can choose a category on the right hand side of the “community”
  9. If you choose Google+ profiles there are a lot of open invitations to connect (LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook, Pinterest and more)
  10. Post in discussions and add #hashtags to get found

You will begin conversations and connecting with people that make sense to be in your network. Let me know how it goes! 

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