Making Sales Social Live Episode # 14 – Lead to Your Solution Not With Your Solution

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In this episode…

The Social Sales Link team talked about “Leading to Your Solution and Not Leading with Your Solution.


Things you will learn in this episode:

* When our content is leading with our solution, it is all about our company, our solutions, our agenda… When we provide actual value and insights, that are positioned to get our buyers thinking differently about their current situation, we are leading to our solution. This shift is, rather than telling your prospect how you can help them, simply help them. This creates a compelling moment and will get hands raised.

* When we as sales professionals lead with our solution, we’re just creating white noise. We sound just like everyone else clamoring for the attention of our prospect. When we lead to our solution, we’re leading them on a journey where they discover not merely how we can help them, or what our product/service can do, but they learn valuable insights along the way, as well as the value we have to offer, and at the end of that rainbow is the pot of gold, which is our solution.

* When your content leads “to” your solution (and not with it), you get your prospects to think differently about their situation that’s causing them pain. In the process, you’re getting them to be much more willing to accept new ideas or different ideas about what they’re facing… Ideas that come from you!


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