Making Sales Social Live Episode # 17 – Five Things We Want from Our Clients

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In this episode…

The Social Sales Link team talked about the Five Things We Want from Our Clients.


Things you will learn in this episode:

* There’s a potential added benefit for you, when you reach out to your clients, to see if you can do more business with them. Your clients can actually tell you what they want from you, this can lead to the creation of new products and services that you can offer but aren’t currently offering. You can then provide those new services to other clients and prospects!

* Internal introductions are an important part of our sales and customer service process. By asking your main contact in a company to introduce you to people in other departments, you do a number of things: 1) expand your reach in that company, 2) grow your network, 3) open up more possibilities for sales conversations… and that’s just a few! Studies show that about 20% of the workforce will change jobs in a given year. By asking for internal introductions in a client company, you not only open yourself up to more opportunities, but you also solidify yourself as a vendor of choice within that company.

* LinkedIn tells us that there is a 20% turn-over in staff year over year. That means that one out of five of your buyers are leaving this year. With that in mind, it’s vital that we socially surround an organization, by connecting with their many internal advocates as possible. Start by buyer mapping your account in LinkedIn, to identify all of the stakeholders, and Leverage your internal connection to get introductions into their colleagues, to secure your foothold in a client account.


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