Making Sales Social Live Episode # 25 – LinkedIn Brand Imagery for Profiles

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In this episode…

In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, the Social Sales Link team talked about “LinkedIn Brand Imagery for Profiles.”


Things you will learn in this episode:

* So many people don’t know about the LinkedIn Cover Story for profiles, yet they can be a key to unlocking the power of brand imagery for you and your company. Cover Stories can be as simple as you talking into your phone’s camera about how you add value, or they can be full-blown production pieces. No matter which route you take, though, make sure your profile visitors learn how you can help them. Remember: People connect with other people, not just profiles. Cover Stories can humanize you even more in the minds of prospects who visit your profile.

* Your LinkedIn background banner image is the largest visual impression that you make with your profile. Think of it as a free billboard that each and every person who views your profile sees. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this valuable piece of profile real estate by using an image that highlights your brand and company.

* Most professionals on LinkedIn are not artists, nor do they see themselves as creatives, but with the help of, anyone can create an eye-catching branded piece that attracts prospects. One way to leverage Canva is to capture a quote from you, a client, a colleague, or an influencer, use a simple template, and in just a few minutes you have a great piece to share. Make sure you add some text to give it context, mention anyone you’ve quoted and include hashtags to help get found.


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