Making Sales Social Live Episode # 37 – Five Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn

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In this episode…

The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods open up a new perspective on social selling — getting engagement through video. Discover why videos offer a higher response rate than other forms of content you use to engage with your audience.

At one point in the session, Brynne will share a list of things you need to ask yourself when considering a video strategy for social selling. You’ll also learn about specific types of videos you can create and share, as well as the different ways you can share your video on LinkedIn, including hacks and Do’s and Don’ts on uploading.

Watch as they discuss video strategies that will allow you to connect with your prospects in a more personal and highly engaging manner.

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Things you will learn in this episode:

* Using video on LinkedIn is powerful in so many ways. You can use it to connect with your audience and prospects in a highly visual way, bringing value in ways that you just can’t by using text alone. That “eye-to-eye” contact is what will make you stand out from your competition and will go a long way toward making you a subject matter expert in the minds of your prospects… especially when so few people are doing it right now. — Bob Woods

* LinkedIn’s Cover Story (also called Profile Video) is a 30-second video that is completely under-leveraged. The short video lives behind your headshot on your profile. This is a fabulous opportunity to connect with your visitors personally and begin to create rapport even before you meet. — Brynne Tillman


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