Making Sales Social Live Episode # 63 – Ten Top Social Sellers We Follow… and Why

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In this episode…

Our resident hosts, Brynne and Bob are back to share with listeners their top ten social sellers and why they’ve chosen to feature these folks.

Find out if your favorite social seller is on their list and discover new ones to follow!

Connect with Brynne and Bob on LinkedIn or you can also visit our LinkedIn page to watch this episode again and get daily tips from the Social Sales Link team!

Things you will learn in this episode:

* Keeping up with all of the changes happening to LinkedIn is a gargantuan task, mainly because LinkedIn doesn’t always share publicly what it has changed. @Kevin D. Turner is always on top of these changes and posts them all on the timeline. Often, he’s the one who shares the changes first, too! — Bob Woods

* A big challenge social sellers face is understanding the mysterious LinkedIn algorithm and leveraging it to get better engagement. If this is you, follow @Richard van der Blom and read his latest report — he is the global expert! — Brynne Tillman

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