Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Rajat Kapur!

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Rajat Kapur, Founder and CEO at &Marketing

Nominated by: Brynne Tillman

As an entrepreneur, experienced marketer, and the Founder and CEO of &Marketing, Rajat “Raj” Kapur strives to provide growing businesses unparalleled marketing strategy and execution services. He is known for bringing the best of “big company” marketing strategies to smaller companies, without the excess baggage. His team of professionals can either augment an existing team, take on the role of “Fractional CMO,” or outsource the entire marketing function for a client. In EOS parlance, Raj is the “Visionary” for &Marketing. Raj’s two decades of marketing, sales, and strategy development experience have spanned B2B and B2C Fortune 50, mid-sized, and startups. He has a proven track record of using analytics to drive action, an unrelenting customer focus, a bias for practical implementation, and strong interpersonal skills. He is a hands-on leader, sought-after facilitator, and experienced marketing advisor with experience across five continents.

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Rajat’s Insights




Your company’s LinkedIn page is an important accompaniment to a strong personal LinkedIn presence that many companies miss. It’s a key component for how prospects and potential employees conduct research and an opportunity for a company to showcase its best examples and culture. Plus, if a company wants to advertise on LinkedIn, they must have a LinkedIn Company Page.

TIP: Make sure you invite your contacts to follow your LinkedIn company page each month!

Why is this important?
– The more followers your company pages has the more people see your company posts
– The number of followers contributes to the legitimacy of your company page (would you download something from a company page with 12 followers, or 1000?), so this is especially important if you plan on running LinkedIn Ads!

How do you do it?
– Company admins can ‘invite’ followers (see screenshot) to follow their company page. Each company page gets 100 ‘credits’ each month and if that person accepts, you get the credit back. You should invite every client / professional contact that is related to that company page, and grow that number over time. On first of every month, it resets to 100.

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