Sharing content is foundational to attracting your buyers and being seen as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Often, when we are in content reading mode, it is off hours and read quite a few at a time. However, we don’t want to share them all in that moment, especially if it isn’t the ideal time when others are most apt to see it. The challenge many face is we are working during primetime sharing hours – and miss opportunities to attract, teach and engage our buyers. But, what if you could put your content in a queue – or even choose exactly the time and date you want it to go to your newsfeed? What if only a few minutes a day could keep you in front of your network throughout the entire day, 24/7. Well, you can – and it is easy and Free.

Hootlet is a Chrome extension tool that allows you to quickly share, schedule or put any blog post, article or video into a queue so that you can share content 24/7 on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+.

Install Hootlet in Chrome:

  1. From Your Chrome Browser Visit Hootlet.com
  2. Click on Get Hootlet
  3. Click Add Extension
  4. Click on the Owl icon on the Top Right of Your Browser Bar
  5. Click on Create New Account OR Sign in with Twitter (you must be signed into the Twitter account you would like to use in a separate tab)
  6. Click Authorize App
  7. Click on LinkedIn
  8. Click Allow
  9. Scroll Down and Check Personal Profile (you may choose up to 2 others for free including company pages you manage and groups you are members of)
  10. At any time you can add more profiles including Google+, Facebook, Twitter Handles etc.

Control Your AutoSchedule Settings:

  1. Sign in to Hootsuite with Your Hootlet Account Information
  2. Click on Settings on the Bottom Left
  3. Click on AutoSchedule
  4. Update Your Preferences for Sharing

Share Using Hootlet:

  1. Click the Hootlet Icon in Your Browser
  2. Pick a Social Profile(s)
  3. Optional: Add Your 2 Cents in the Compose Box
  4. Click Send Now, AutoSchedule, or click the Calendar Icon to Schedule for a Specific Time.

BONUS: Consider using a content aggregator to make finding relevant content easy on a consistent basis. Some to explore are:

  1. Feedly
  2. Pocket
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. Google Alerts

Sharing relevant content is vital to a successful social selling program. Make Hootlet part of your entire strategy.