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Brynne Tillman

When we share content to our newsfeed that needs to lead back to our solution, insights and value.

We don’t need to start a conversation all the time about what we want to tell our prospect. Let’s think about it like a normal conversation. If we met someone in the networking room and I said, Hey, Kath, nice to meet you! What do you do? And she’s the I’m a project manager.

I’m not going to now go in, oh, well, we help project managers do this that the other thing, we wouldn’t do that, we would probably ask about what she does and learn a little more. And so the way that we can do that, so we can certainly ask them. But one of the great ways to acknowledge that we hear her and what she does is to curate content that she wants to consume, not what we want to tell her.

So Kath as a project manager, might love some really great insights around potentially 10 ways to be more efficient with managing a team that might be valuable to her. So I can now reach out to her Kath came across this great article on project management. And I thought it would might be helpful based on what I know about you. Here are some of my takeaways. I’d love to hear your thoughts. By doing this. We’re starting a natural conversation.

We’re building a network. We’re not jumping into sales mode. We’re jumping into relationships.

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