Just connecting with the right people on LinkedIn isn’t enough to create meaningful sales conversation. Nurturing your network is foundational to successful social selling, but getting the right balance of outreach (so you don’t seem spammy) is essential.

The first thing is to identify who in your 1st-degree connections do you want to engage. From the free LinkedIn account, it is important first to create a SEARCH STRING with your buyer’s titles and select the available filters to help you develop an ideal list of connections to nurture.

Once you have your list, you can leverage these 5 activities to help you stay in front of your connections in a way that is relevant to your buyers.

1.     Visit your buyer’s profile. They will most likely get a notification that you stopped by to check them out. It may even bring them back to your profile, alerting you that your efforts are fruitful.

2.      From their profile, look at their activity and engage. imply like, comment or share posts and articles that they have taken the time to share with their network.

3.     Send them relevant content. Whether it is content that you created, that you curated from another source – by sharing insights that are meaningful to your buyer in a message, letting them know you thought of them (asking nothing in return) is a great way to stay on their radar.

4.     Endorse a skill, give kudos or recommend them. Make sure you know them well enough to do this, but it certainly will get them appreciating you.

5.     NEW FEATURE: My friend, Joe Apfelbaum, shared a new feature on LinkedIn that makes it simple to engage with your 1st-degree connections. Using the search function in the free LinkedIn account, you can build a newsfeed that includes only shares from your 1st-degree connections in the last 24 hours, leaving out all the other noise.


1. Click on the search bar

2. Choose Content

3. Click posted by and choose 1st-degree connections

3. Click posted by and choose 24 hours

4. (Optional) Choose Author Industry

5. Bookmark the page so you can revisit daily. This search creates a powerful newsfeed that can make engaging with your 1st-degrees so simple.

There are dozens of other ways to stay on your connections’ radar – but these 5 should keep you busy for a while.

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.