Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Stephanie Sides!

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Stephanie Sides, Social Media Business Strategist, Owner at Social Chicy

After 20 years in Corporate America, I started Social Chicy to help small to medium businesses use the power of organic social media to grow their KL–Know, Like, and Trust–with their customers and fans. Having been in leadership positions over the years, I fell in love with strategic planning and the actions and accountability those plans provide. As a Marketing Strategist, I help companies around the world with strategic analysis, strategic plans, and hands-on training to make their social media marketing effective, efficient, easy & enjoyable! When not brainstorming and consulting, you’ll find me working with my family’s new mobile food business, taking photos of sunsets, and petting all the dogs I meet on a daily basis.

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Stephanie’s Insights


Stephanie Sides MSS CTT


The last thing you do on social media is SELL!!! It will come naturally if you use social media correctly and that is to Educate, Inform, Entertain, Inspire and Listen. Give value as much as you can, in any way you can, and people will naturally come to you to solve their problems when they have them. In the process, don’t forget to BE SOCIAL — Social sales is a two-way conversation. Converse with your online followers in an authentic way–don’t just throw spam/sales at them and expect anything in return.


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