Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Susie Mathieson!

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Susie Mathieson, Sales Trainer and Coach at The Small Stuff

Susie’s sales experience covers multiple industries including automotive, telecommunications, decorative paints, and myriad disciplines from retail sales, account management, business development, telesales, and latterly, sales leadership positions for companies such as Autozone, Farrow & Ball & AkzoNobel. Susie’s passion for sales combined with her desire to help others succeed in achieving their sales goals was realised in March 2019 when she founded “the small stuff”, a sales training and coaching organisation based in Germany, aimed at making small changes in the sales process for optimal performance. Clients include telecommunication and tech giants, educational organisations, and several SMEs.

Connect with Susie on LinkedIn, Instagram, or through her website.


Susie’s Insights


Susie Mathieson MSS CTT


* Consistency is key! Show up and show willing. It doesn’t matter if your content isn’t perfect, just keep showing up, engaging with your audience (and your potential audience) and start conversations naturally. Avoid the “pitch & ditch” approach and take time to get to know new leads and prospects on the platform. Personalise whatever you can, to show you have taken time to get to know them.

* Videos and audio messages are a great way to stand out online and often generate a more personal response in return! These don’t have to be perfect! The more natural and authentic, the better. Just point and shoot and then hit send 😊

* Wherever possible try to speak to your prospects to give them the human touch. Use CTAs like free discovery calls to get your prospects talking. Ask lots of questions, be curious and don’t be afraid to disqualify those who are not a good fit for you!

* Use temperature checking to understand where your prospect’s head is at like for example: “on a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to want to work with me?”, if they answer with a low number, ask the follow up question: “what needs to happen for you to be at a 5”? This will give you valuable information as to what you need to do to increase the chances of getting the sale.

* Remember to give yourself a reason to FOLLOW UP with your prospects. Don’t just leave it with “I will be in touch”. Suggest a time and date to follow up, so they know to expect it like this: “it sounds like you need a couple of days to talk with Dave about this, how about I give you a call on Friday at 2pm?”. Sales is a combination of personalisation and organisation!


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