The New LinkedIn Profile Experience: Mobile and Desktop

Brynne Tillman |


We’re all together.

Brynne Tillman

I’m thrilled to have the three of us in the same room, it doesn’t happen often. So when it does know, it’s really exciting.

Bill McCormick

So we’re in the pyramid club in Philadelphia, and we’re here to give you a great update that’s happening with your profile. And salad just can tell you all about well, I’m going

Sally Jo LaMont

To tell you in a very short sentence, which your LinkedIn profile interface has changed. What that means is that whatever changes you make on the desktop, are going to be reflected exactly the same on the mobile.

Bill McCormick

Yeah, it’s really exciting, that’s great. So both the desktop and mobile they look the same. And so what happens is the profile picture goes to the left, give you lots of room for your billboard information.

So just like in your desktop, your profile picture now is can be shifted over to the left, which leaves the whole right-hand side for you to use as a billboard for contact information. And then what else is different?

Brynne Tillman 

Well, one of the things that I love is, on the old version on the mobile, you used to have to scroll all the way down to see everybody’s contacts. Now it’s highlighted and hyperlinked right in the top. And I love that because something I do a lot is search people’s contact

Bill McCormick

Real life examples, some screenshots, we’re going to tell you about how your summary has actually changed. It’s called summer anymore, it’s called the about set job. And there are some exciting things about that.

So stay tuned, let’s jump on over to to the video and see that. Alright, so we’re back. And so here you see, we have a side by side of brands profile on the desktop. And then here in the mobile version. Now, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people saying,

 Sally Jo LaMont

Hey, I don’t have the new version in the desktop yet, which means you probably won’t have it in the mobile version, just be patient. What we’ve discovered is that when LinkedIn ads, any new features do changes like this to the profile, they slowly roll that out. And we’re not even sure what slowly means. I mean, you’re talking 610 million users that they need to make this change too.

So I would just say Be patient, it’s coming. In the meantime, let’s talk about what we like about this change. So you can see how similar and uniform they are now and how they appear. So before the mobile version, the profile picture used to be right in the middle of the background banner image right in the middle of the screen, and then your messaging and connecting buttons, and the three dots would be underneath that. So now the picture profile picture is shifted over to the left, which really opens up the background banner image, and I’m going to talk about that towards the end of the video.

And so what we also see is the connections right down here. So that’s a clickable link for brands connections. And you’ll notice the current contact information isn’t there. Again, we’ll talk about that in just a moment. Let’s scroll down both screens. And see, just click here.

Alright, so now we so now you have a highlight box for both, which is next. And then the bout section, if they get my finger straight here. So this used to be called the summary. And if you remember, it used to be right underneath your headline in both the desktop and in the mobile version. Now it’s not called the summary anymore, it’s called the about section. And so it’s basically the same, but just a few minor tweaks.

You notice Brynne has a piece of media here, the eight stages of rolling out a successful social selling program. on the desktop, if you have more than two pieces of media, the title will not show, all you’ll see is the is the thumbnail of the image. On the mobile version, if you have more than one piece of media, then you’ll only see the thumbnail.

What we suggest is in your about section, just have one piece of media so that people can see what the title is. So they know what they’re clicking on, it’s kind of a call to watch, you want them to click on that. So what we suggest is have that and just transfer that out.

So you know you have one for a week or a month, then then switch it up with another one, and then switch it up with another one. Alright, so so that’s a change in the about section. Now remember up here in the desktop, we have the contact information here. That’s not here underneath the connections or next to the connections. So where is it? Well, I don’t want to make you dizzy, but you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the mobile version to find someone’s contact information.

We’re in a society that doesn’t like to take a lot of time to do things. So first of all, people don’t know that it’s there. And they won’t take the time to look for it. So that’s why we recommend taking your background banner image, and using that right-hand side there, as a billboard, put your website, definitely put your email address. And then if you want to put your phone information here, that’s great. I don’t do that.

I don’t want to get a lot of spam calls. But I definitely want my contact email in there so that people can find me. So this is a really exciting change that LinkedIn is done. We like the fact that they’re getting consistent between the mobile version and the desktop. Hopefully, they’re going to figure out a way to make it easy to connect on the mobile version without sending that generic connection requests. And if you’ve watched any of my videos, you know how strict I am about that. And what a pet peeve that is a mine. So we’ll watch out for that.

If you don’t have these new versions yet, just be patient they’re coming, you might just be towards the end of the 610 million people that they have to change.


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